Virus Removal

Virus Removal

Is your laptop or desktop PC running slow? Are you getting random unwanted pop-ups and redirects? Experiencing unexplained data loss or frequent computer crashes? Chances are your computer is infected with a virus.

A computer virus can lock your operating system files, damage programs or even reformat the hard drive.

Some computer viruses install software that steals your money and personal information. Most people pick up computer viruses through normal web activities such as downloading games, media players, sharing files or photos, opening email attachments, downloading Internet files etc.

Caspicom Computer Services offers fast and reliable computer virus removal service at your home or office. Our specialists are highly experienced in removing any viruses, adware, ransomeware, spyware, worms, rootkits, Trojans and other malicious software programs that may be preventing your computer from operating properly. By using a variety of approaches, we will accurately diagnose the problem and restore your laptop or desktop PC to its fully functioning state. After we identify and remove the offender, we will install the latest antivirus program and take other measures to protect your computer in the future.

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List of Existing Computer Viruses, Worms and Malware:

  • WannaCry/Wanna Decrypt0r
  • Cryptolocker
  • Storm Worm
  • BASHLITE malware
  • Locky Ransomware
  • Tiny Banker Trojan (Tinba)
  • Flame/Flamer/sKyWIper/Skywiper
  • Computer worm Conficker
  • Torpig/Sinowal/Mebroot Trojan
  • Mocmex Trojan
  • Linux.Wifatch
  • The Regin Trojan
  • The Gameover ZeuS Trojan
  • SpyEye and Zeus
  • Daprosy Worm
  • Waledac botnet
  • Stuxnet Trojan
  • Shamoon
  • ZeroAccess rootkit
  • The Morto worm
  • Anti-Spyware 2011

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