Our Rates

Caspicom Computer Services provides expert on-site work at extremely competitive rates in Aurora and Denver Metro Area, plus an amazing guarantee: If your problem is not fixed, there is NO charge!

We work on-site, diagnose your issue and estimate the charge before starting work.

On-Site RESIDENTIAL Tech Support - $80 / hour, 1 hour minimum, each additional 1/2 hr is $40

On-Site BUSINESS Tech Support- $100 / hour, 1 hour minimum, each additional 1/2 hr is $50

Below we’ve listed the time typically required for common services.

Up to 1 hour:
Computer Oprimization, E-mail configuration, Outlook support, Home or Office network installation and configuration, Laptop Screen Replacement, Power Supply Replacement, Hard Drive / Video Card / Sound Card / Ethernet Card replacement, Blu-ray / DVD / CD Drive replacement,Computer case clean-up (dust cleaning), Printer installation and configuration and more...

1 to 2 hours:
Data transfer (from old computer to new), Writing data to CD or DVD, Data loss prevention, Registry clean-up, Virus detection and clean-up, Malware removal, Windows tune-up, OS (operating system) installation or reinstallation

Up to 3 hours:
New computer set-up and configuration, Data Recovery

Blocks of Hours for
Residential Tech Support
10 hrs
$700 ($70/hr)
save $100
15 hrs
$975 ($65/hr)
save $225
20 hrs
$1200 ($60/hr)
save $400
Blocks of Hours for
Business Tech Support
10 hrs
$900 ($90/hr)
save $100
20 hrs
$1700 ($85/hr)
save $300
30 hrs
$2400 ($80/hr)
save $600
40 hrs
$3000 ($75/hr)
save $1000

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